Monday, June 30, 2008

SimpleViewer-SL ported to Silverlight 2 Beta 2

SimpleViewer-SL now works on Beta 2 as well. I updated the inline samples in the previous posts so folks with Beta 2 should be able to view all the sample galleries that I created using SimpleViewer-SL.

If you recollect from my earlier post, I did not use the ScrollViewer control since I wanted to keep the .xap package as small as possible. This is no longer the case since ScrollViewer is now part of the Silverlight framework itself. I still haven't updated the code to take advantage of this but might do so at a later date.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

DeepZoom sample ported to Silverlight 2 Beta 2

I have been planning to do this for some time now but finally managed to squeeze some time for this activity. I am going to leave the previous posts as-is so that the folks with Beta 1 can look at the previous sample.

It was a relatively straightforward exercise but one thing I noticed is that msi.Width/Height doesn't work properly in Beta 2, but luckily msi.ActualWidth/ActualHeight works! I also used the new tagging format (Metadata.xml) that the latest DeepZoom Composer generates.

I will post the source code in the next post.
The source code has been uploaded and can be found here. Note that the disclaimer from this post still holds!